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K-769 Energy Booster
K-769 Energy Booster
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K-Ion Nano: Advanced Healthcare Spec
K-Ion Nano: Advanced Healthcare Spec
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K-769 Energy Booster

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A super universe energy helps people to have a strong magnetic field: K-769 Energy Booster bringing an INFINITY POSITIVE ENERGY, HEALTH & WEALTH. 
【7 - Popularity, Elegant magnetic field】
【6 - Wealth, Wisdom magnetic field】
【9 - Health, Longevity magnetic field】 
It's used a classical creation incorporating of environmental science with the five elements of feng shui from East and esthetic theory from the West. 
With it's special stylish designed, it's enhanced with negative ions and far infrared rays which can penetrate into the body easily.
It's also help to balance up the eletromagnetic circulation in the body,stimulate the hormone system and boost a very good hormones to lift up your potential and limitless positive energy.
Other than that, it's help to enhance the body function as well as the surrounding of our environment by released its unique frequency wave and the waves released can penetrate easily into body for the better energy and positive energy around the positive environment. 

Benefits of K-769 Energy Booster :
> Promote blood circulation in the body
> Boost body metabolism
> Improve nutrient absorption and detoxification process
> Enhance immune and hormone system
> Increase energy and reduce free radicals
> Help to slow down ageing process
> Strengthen bioelectromagnetics in the body as well as helps to minimize health-affecting negative magnetic waves
> Provide higher and focused concentration

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