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Gamat Gel Forte is a traditional emollient to soften skin, heal minor cuts and burns, wounds, swelling and relieve acne. To be applied on skin or any ..
Hair loss is a common problem, yet it is a nuisance that can affect our image and confidence. A normal scalp losses up to 100 strands of hair daily, a..
K-Active Hair Tonic Plus is a scalp treatment that supports healthy scalp ideal for hair growth. It contains essential nutrients to promote blood circ..
K-Chlorophyll Toothpaste NEW
Many people want to obtain that admirable bright confident smile, but how? Lack of greens may hinder us from attaining nourishment for our teeth healt..
K-everPURE Natural Hair Shampoo is free of SLES, sodium laureth sulfate (aka sodium lauryl ethoxysulfate). This product uses a multi-functional ingred..
K-EverPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel is added with moisturiser and a blend of botanical extracts to keep the moisture balance and smoothness of your sk..
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